Teléfono IP de 2 Líneas HD/PoE/GIGA

Ref. eSpace 7910

eSpace 7910 is an easy-to-use, full-featured 2-line IP phone. It provides a user-friendly user interface (UI) on a color LCD screen and supports multiple lines of highquality call services, making it a good choice for enterprise employees. eSpace 7910 employs AAC-LD super-wideband voice codec, which supports up to 48 kHz sample rate. As for its integral components, the speaker, handset, and headset all provide high-fidelity voice quality. In addition, eSpace 7910 supports automatic deployment, greatly simplifying its deployment and installation. It provides optimized signaling and media flow encryption, and an HTTPS-based web management page, which helps create a secure communications environment

eSpace 7910 $356.000+IVA